Now’s the time to embrace homeownership.

Become invulnerable to the rising rental market through a fixed rate loan; save money on your taxes with options to deduct home interest, state and local property taxes, and private mortgage insurance; build equity as each payment takes you closer to paying off the principal; revel in the freedom to personalize your home on your terms, knowing that your renovations can transform into future returns; and unearth the many reasons why there’s #noplacelikeown.

Renting vs. Buying Tools


Do the Math: calculate your cost for renting when you could be owning your next home. 

What type of home buyer are you?

Learn why you should consider investing in real estate this year.


As a millennial, you are a true go-getter. Sure, you may be facing financial challenges after taking on student loans, but you’ve “followed your dreams” which has led you to realize that now is your time to buy.


  • Desire to own a home
  • Income stability
  • Job relocation

First Time Buyer

Whether you’re single, in a relationship, or your wedding bells just stopped ringing, buying your first home means navigating through a new process toward what is likely the biggest purchase you’ll ever make. But have no fear, we’re here to help. 


  • Life event: marriage, starting a family
  • Entering into the "rite of passage"
  • Build on own finances instead of landlord's

Move Up Buyer

Whether the increase is in your family size or your income, you’ve outgrown your home. And you’re ready to embrace all of the exciting changes that being a move-up buyer bring.


  • Income or family size increase
  • Nicer area/neighborhood
  • Taking advantage of already established equity

Second Home Buyer

You already know the benefits of home ownership, and you’re ready to take on a second home. Whether that means an investment property to build on your income or a recreational property on the shores or in the mountains, the benefits of owning a second property truly abound.


  • Vacation or holiday home
  • Potential for rental income when not in use
  • Future home for your child(ren) to live in


Busy with exams and deadlines, buying a house may feel far from your mind, but with your smarts you know that it’s never too early to invest in your future. Not only will your monthly payments contribute to your own equity, you’ll also acquire a potential investment property in a college town with a historically stable market. 


  • Creating a passive income stream
  • Future investment property
  • Building equity to offset loan debt


You’re not one to miss out on a great opportunity when you find one. Whether it’s purchasing a home or condo to rent or finding that next commercial property, you know you’ll benefit from the power of investing in the real estate market.


  • Increasing business or rental income
  • Taking advantage while interest rates are low
  • Expanding financial portfolio/options


Retirement brings a number of changes as you ease into a slower pace of life. Whether you want to relocate to be nearer to your family or venture out into an entirely new locale, home ownership will offer the stability you need as you savor the best years of your life.


  • Relocation near family 
  • Moving to a retirement town/community
  • Downsizing to a more suitable home

Second Chance Buyer

As a former homeowner, you’re proud to say that you’ve gotten yourself back on your feet. The economic downturn didn’t get you down, and with stable employment and an improved credit score, you’re ready to say hello to the “American Dream” and become a homeowner once again.


  • Financial stability 
  • Building personal equity
  • Desire to own a home again