The Design Review process was a critical milestone for NEXUS, as the Downtown Design Review board members had to approve the overall appearance of the building, how it relates to its context, how it responds to light and views, as well as the quality of the materials, open spaces and landscape. The project received unanimous approval and favorable comments from all board members at the project’s first and final DRB Recommendation Meeting.

“We are grateful to the members of the Design Review Board for their unanimous endorsements allowing our development to proceed as planned,” said Christian Chan, Executive Vice President of Burrard Development, the developer of NEXUS. “The tremendous work by the design team assembled by Weber Thompson, combined with insightful guidance from the DRB has resulted in what I’m confident will become an architectural icon in the Seattle skyline.”

With approvals in place, Chan confirms the development is now moving forward with final Master Use Permit entitlement process with intent to break ground later in 2016.