Meet Chad Zinda, a reservation holder at NEXUS and a local real estate broker who was born and raised in Seattle.

With nearly two decades in real estate experience, Chad is a corporate trainer and mentor for new and seasoned agents and is a cofounder of Metropolist –a brokerage, events venue and co-working facility located in the SODO district. Representatives of NEXUS recently chatted with Chad and learned he had plenty to say:

NEXUS: How’d you find out about NEXUS?

Chad Zinda: How could I miss it? Seriously, real estate is my life - everyone is talking about NEXUS.

N: Obviously there was quite the turn out. What was the line really like?

CZ: Long. I thought I got there early before 9am only to find that others had beat me to it. I understand the first groups showed up the night before and they literally camped out on the sidewalk. Looking back, I kind of enjoyed it realizing I was hanging out with my future neighbors. The wait was tiresome but we did appreciate the constant supply of water and donuts offered by the NEXUS team.

N: So I see you like to plan ahead – is that why NEXUS was attractive?

CZ: Certainly. That’s the benefit of reservations and presales. We can lock in a price in 2016 with a 5% earnest money deposit held in escrow and we don’t close or start mortgage payments until the building is delivered in 2019. Why not get in position now? It’s my view that the local real estate market is only going to get tighter and more expensive.

N: What do you think of the reservation process?

CZ: It’s very consumer-friendly. So many of our clients are being put in stressful situations bidding on homes with multiple offers and price escalation so it’s nice to know the price range now and to hold a first position on a specific home for future purchase. The developer will forward additional information as it’s developed and the presales are officially in the fall 2016. Paying a refundable deposit of $5,000 and waiting a while was a small price considering the comfort of having a plan laid out. Clearly I wasn’t the only one thinking this way.

N: Why make a move?

CZ: For me, the timing is perfect. I'm going to have an empty nest soon and I look forward to my new home and a new chapter of my life. NEXUS is a perfect fit.

N: What do you like most about NEXUS?

CZ: I like the walkable proximity to downtown amenities and that it's also very close to Capitol Hill - NEXUS offers a very central location. The light rail lines are also close by and I think the traffic congestion is going to get a lot worse with all this development. I like not being dependent on my car.

N: Don't forget about the amenities in the building?

CZ: Of course, those are spectacular! It's going to be like living in hotel where there's a scene in the lobby with the restaurant and bar, the 7th floor great room, fitness center, co-working space and dog lounge, as well as that phenomenal SkyClub level - I can definitely envision the 4th of July fireworks show from that vantage point!

N: It seems you would know a thing or two about community and co-working spaces?

CZ: For sure, we've incorporated that type of function into our real estate office and also recognize it as a major trend for independent contractors instead of having to commit to the expense of an office lease. I suppose NEXUS will be providing us with a little friendly competition now that I think of it! Very clever to include this type of business facility within the common areas. I can see that being very popular with the emerging demographics of downtown dwellers.

N: Did you get what you were looking for?

CZ: Pretty close - I wanted the 19th floor but ended up a little higher. I figure it's worth it. I'm just thrilled to be in position and look forward to living at NEXUS. With all that's going on in this neighborhood and in downtown Seattle in general, I can see this becoming a great investment in terms of both lifestyle and economics.

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