A map released by the EPA demonstrates density and growth in the Puget Sound region through the year 2100.

In a recent article published by Curbed Seattle, Tom Trimbath lets readers “See How Seattle’s Population Might Expand in 21st Century.” As Trimbath writes, “since 2000, new residents have effectively added another Seattle to Seattle and the local region. For many of them, a move to Seattle is followed by a move to the suburbs or even the rural fringe after they see the cost of housing or decide they want some quiet. How much longer can that go on?”

As the EPA’s map shows, “places that have more room to grow may have more dramatic shifts but Seattle’s is simple and significant. Seattle’s density spreads, but quickly runs out of room.” The result is that suburbs will see greater changes, where “Bellevue becomes more like Seattle and the east side of Lake Sammamish becomes more like Bellevue.”

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