Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty brokers Candace Taylor and Anton Krivenyshev recently attended Puget Sound Business Journal Live, an event in which local architects envisioned what the Emerald City will look like in a decade.

In a recent article entitled “Seattle in 10 years: 3 top architect’s take,” Marc Stiles of the Puget Sound Business Journal describes the perspectives of each of the three architects, who discussed maintaining the uniqueness of the city’s architecture and how to address a growing population.

“It was a wonderful morning spent listening to fascinating perspectives from three prominent local architects,” said Candace Taylor. “Not only did they describe their architectural approaches, they shared their positions on Seattle’s rapid growth and how to address that as we move into the future.”

David Goldberg, Mithun President, said he “wants to see a mix of design styles, ranging from reserved buildings with simple facades to more showy projects, especially civic ones that would draw people from around the world” whereas Mark Reddington, an LMN Architects partner, discussed the hope of Seattle’s central waterfront completion along with “an expanded rapid mass transit system with light rail” to address congestion issues. And as Anne Schopf, design partner with Mahlum Architects said, “I think that hopefully our neighborhoods would be as strong as our downtown, and our downtown would be as strong as our neighborhoods.”