Jennifer Calonia, Forbes contributor, offers "10 Money Tips Millennials Need to Survive in 2016." The article, which references the 2015 Millennial Money Mindset Report, describes that "41% of millennials said that in the next three to five years, their goal is to 'Increase my overall level of savings.' The problem is that millennials carry an average debt of $47,689, according to the report."

1. Commit to a "spending freeze" where fancy cocktails at the newest bar are traded in for "eight-dollar wine from Trader Joe's, some snacks and some good company."

2. Create "Plan B" so that if you find yourself in financial difficulty, you have some backup funds to get you through.

3. Don't waste your time on a job that isn't worth it. As the article describes, "with 57% of millennials surveyed in the Millennial Money Mindset Report stating their biggest financial challenge is not making enough money, the new year is the best time to avoid complacency and take proactive measures to ensure you can save money and reach your goals."

4. Be proactive and take responsibility for how your money is spent. 

5. Embody the "glass is half full" mantra. With a simple mental shift, not spending money can be as fulfilling as making more money, by eliminating that pesky cable bill for example.

6. Make an investment in you. As Calonia writes, "take action, starting investing in yourself to grow and obtain the knowledge to start a business."

7. Find an app to help you save. There are a number of options out there, from financial managers to coupons.

8. Save for emergencies by having at least 6 months worth of monthly spending on reserve because "while saving for your dream vacation will undoubtedly bring you immediate gratification, an emergency fund is a pivotal tool to help you survive through financial obstacles."

9. When considering investments, make the goal be to not lose money.

10. Remember that it isn't ALL about the money - happiness in your situation is also important!

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