A recent article by Vancouver Magazine describes that millennials are leaving the Vancouver area for lack of jobs and the unaffordability of housing. As Daniel Wood writes, “in a city that was just voted third most liveable in the world, a generation is struggling to find a way to stay.”

The feature goes on to describe the 10,000 millennials who have left the city in recent years, citing that “security based on higher education, job opportunities, a good income, affordable home ownership, manageable debt, and optimism about the future – touchstones of the boomer generation – is elusive in one of the world’s most expensive cities.”

Generation Squeeze, an awareness campaign in Canada, is pushing for more millennial involvement in the government in the hopes of retaining the younger generation in the city. Their purpose and vision, according to their website, is to build “a Canada that Works for All Generations, where Canadians have the chance to live up to their potential, enough time and money to enjoy life, and are working together to leave our country and planet better off than we found it.”

While Generation Squeeze and other organizations search for solutions to make Vancouver viable for millennials, a great place for those who wish to migrate to consider is Seattle, where technology jobs are aplenty and the housing market is still experiencing relative affordability. Read More >>