In a recent article in the Puget Sound Business JournalMarc Stiles asks "Are you a millennial? Want to buy a house in Seattle? Try Renton instead." The article was prompted following a study conducted by  SmartAsset, which found that the average home price that millennials under 35 can afford to pay in Seattle is around $200,000. As Stiles describes, it may sound impressive that the number is actually "the second highest in the country," meaning that millennials in the area are making decent wages. Yet, as Stiles also points out, "thanks to Seattle's soaring housing market it [$200,000] doesn't buy much: just 539 square feet."

So what is a millennial to do? Well, according to Stiles, one option is to look for homes further south of Seattle in cities such as Renton, where the average millennial can afford a house.