In a recent article for Bloomberg BusinessHui-Yong Yu outlines the way in which “Seattle’s Tech Boom Is Driving Up Housing Prices” with the help of Lili Shang, a top producing broker and Founding Member of the Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty‘s (RSIR) Asia Desk. Providing her expert commentary, Shang shares her predictions on a global platform, telling  Bloomberg  that “we will be like San Francisco in five years” because “it’s a new era” in the Puget Sound area. 

Given Shang's prediction, now is certainly the time to buy, as Shang describes clients who purchased a Seattle mansion for $3.2 million back in September from Jamie Moyer, former Pitcher for the Seattle Mariners. The deal, as Shang alludes to in the article, signals a growing trend in Pacific Northwest real estate because just after buying the home, her clients rented it to a group of employees from Inc. Why make the purchase then? They’re discovering the benefits of #noplacelikeown in making investment purchases that will provide far more than merely financial returns in their futures.