Do you feel overwhelmed at the thought of getting your finances together for your future? Well USA Today's Cassandra Latsios offers "Smart money tips for Millennials," three easy "must-dos" to start preparing now.

1. Brave the Market - Latsios says "investing can greatly help you save for retirement," adding that "stocks can also protect you from inflation," whereas "cash savings lose purchasing power over long periods of even mild annual inflation." For starters, she suggests a low-cost, target date mutual fund and meeting with a financial advisor.

2. Use Your Workplace Retirement Account - Many companies offer 401K's, which are "convenient and painless" because "you sock away this money pre-tax." In addition, your employer might match funds so this is definitely an option to consider.

3. Monitor Your Credit Score - You can obtain your credit report for free each year from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, and you should use it to ensure that all information is accurate and make sure your score is on track for your future. 

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