Issaquah has been ranked the second best suburb for millennials in the state of Washington, according to the website provides reviews and insight from everyday experts, to help people choose a neighborhood, college or K-12 school in a more transparent process. Under its Local category, studied each city's job opportunities, access to bars, restaurants and affordable housing for millennials, residents ages 25-34.

Under its ranking system, ranked for Issaquah:

  • Easiest commute grade: A+
  • Residents 25-34 years old: 17.1%
  • Crime & safety grade: B
  • Millennial newcomers: 1.7%
  • Unemployment rate: 4.4%
  • Access to bars: B-
  • Access to restaurants: A-
  • Access to coffee shops: A
  • Median rent: $1,408
  • Percent change in employees (The percent change in the number of employed individuals from 2009 - end of the recession - to 2012): -1.3%
  • Rent to income ratio: .3 to 1
  • Higher education rate: 60.4%
  • Resident diversity (most represented ethnicity): 74%