On April 15th, Rachel Lerman from The Puget Sound Business Journal wrote an article entitled “I’m a millennial and I just bought a Seattle condo. Here’s why that is becoming a trend,” in which she describes her recent experience buying a condominium. Lerman says, “I’m 24 years old, smack dab in the middle of the millennial generation, and today I’m signing final papers on my first condo.” A truly exciting endeavor, Lerman says she jumped from renting to ownership after rising rents pushed her Fremont apartment cost up nearly 9% in one month, a fact many millennials likely relate to.

Despite the student loan debt that often hampers millennials, Lerman says Seattle buyers likely won’t suffer from those financial woes, as “a growing number of Seattle millennials are working for the tech industry,” which “tends to pay well and could help mitigate the issue of debt.” Given that “the two biggest reasons people decide to buy homes are when they get married and have children, and millennials are just getting to the age when they hit those milestones,” Lerman expects that “as the rents continue to rise, and our generation hits some big milestones, Seattle millennials will buy homes in herds.”