Last summer, Jessica Glenza wrote about her and her boyfriend's experience as millennials searching for a home in New Jersey for The Guardian. In "We're millennials buying a house and bucking the 'trend' of renting," Glenza, notes that while many of her friends claim they prefer renting, she desires the freedom of home ownership. 

Glenza candidly writes, "I'd prefer not to look at that extension cord snaking around my bedroom wall for much longer. It was painted to the wall long before I arrived, it's flat 1970s-era head posed as an outlet (conveniently, at least) near a lamp. It's above a second outlet that's actually embedded in the wall. I fear what's behind those walls - outdated electric, plumbing hewn together with lead solders, rotting wood beneath the cracked shower tiles. I'd prefer to know where the code violations are, instead of fearing what decayed hell lurks behind." Dealing with these issues speaks to the freedom many renters desire, to fix issues in their homes without landlord permission, knowing that the changes they make may also payoff as appreciation in the future.